Our first published title under the Bashert Books Press imprint is a book that includes the full playscript of the award-winning play Wiesenthal. Our experience in bringing this important book to life with author Tom Dugan was the catalyst for creating our magazine website. When people think of Jewish history, many focus on the years between 1933 to 1945 when the Holocaust tragically loomed. The Nazis were responsible for the systematic murder of 11 million Jewish people; 6 million were Jewish men, women, and children. We launched Bashert Books in time for Yom HaShoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day, and will continue to honor those lost throughout the years to come.

Another mission is to restore an understanding of Jewish history before those years and into the future. We learn about the future by remembering the past. And although we have been an oppressed people since the days of the Pharaohs, we have also represented stories of redemption, survival, and faith.

We plan to include articles about Jewish history from all periods. We welcome submissions from academicians or armchair historians to add to the richness of our offerings.

We also hope to feature family histories of what life was like for early immigrants. In doing so, we preserve our collective memory of Jewish life in the United States and worldwide.

“The history of man is the history of crimes, and history can repeat. So information is a defense. Through this we can build, we must build, a defense against repetition.”—Simon Wiesenthal

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