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We are always looking for good books with Jewish Interest

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We are a hybrid Indie Publisher specializing in Judaica.

You can find out more about our publishing by visiting our main website: We have everything you need to be successfully published. We have been in the publishing industry for over 30 years and our literary agency is responsible for bringing over 1,000 titles to traditional publishers. But publishing has changed. We offer opportunity for niche titles to be successfully published and to reach their intended audience.

Please send us your article ideas for any of our categories.

We believe Jewish people are joined by a common thread. However, we approach it in many different ways. We welcome diversity in our offerings. We revel in our culture and the joy that our lifecycle represents even on the most solemn occasions. We appreciate storytelling, kvelling and humor. We are open to blog submissions in our many categories. While we do not offer a stipend, we do offer a byline for those articles we accept into our magazine sections. And that stands for something great.

We created this imprint of our main publishing company to house our titles but also to bring people together.

We have seen tremendous assimilation over the years and we do not claim to be experts. We want all Jewish people or Jewish friendly people who are curious about us, our traditions and our history to feel welcome here. That is part of our mission. We do not want anyone to feel like a stranger. We are actively seeking books about the following subjects: Jewish recipes Children's books Lifestyle subjects Memoir How-to books Inspiration Stories about Jewish renewal We will know it when we see it subjects

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We also specialize in family histories. We can help you preserve your special stories, recipes and traditions including photographs and memories. Let us know if you would like to learn more about Bashert legacy. We offer editing, design and printing for a keepsake your family will treasure.

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